Drone-mounted target simulator

One week ago, the Palindrome drone platform that carries the newly developed miniature radar target simulator took off from an airfield in Liechtenstein and reached its maximum height of 80 meters. The drone maintains a cable connection to the ground which provides power as well as a high-speed data link. In this setup, the drone can operate permanently without any interruptions.

With this new measurement platform, advanced radar testing operations become feasible. Mitigation of multipath effects (i.e., avoiding contributions from ground reflections) will increase the overall accuracy, while complex three-dimensional measurement patterns will broaden the overall application range of the instrument.

The drone has been developed in close collaboration with the Institut für Elektronik, Sensorik und Aktorik of the Eastern University of Applied Sciences in the framework of an Innosuisse project.

Palindrome drone that carries the target simulator together with its tether station.