Radar Target Simulators

The Palindrome p1q radar target simulator offers flexible target generation at two channels with up to 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth for frequencies from 2 to 12 GHz. Various static or moving targets with arbitrary properties like Doppler shift or range delay can be conveniently set via GUI operation or shell commands. The small half-rack form factor allows easy integration into customer-specific measurement setups. Targets with highly precise and self-calibrated RCS values can be generated by upgrading the system with external calibration units.

The Palindrome p1q radar target simulator is a dual- channel digital radar target simulator. It receives incoming radar signals over its two receivers and digitally delays, modulates and re-transmits the RF samples such that arbitrary moving or static radar targets can be generated.

Optimal RF performance is achieved by using a single down-conversion stage as well as a single local oscillator for both the two receive and the two transmit channels. A high-sensitivity and a low-sensitivity receive path, together with internal wide-range attenuators on the transmit and receive side enables the generation of highly versatile radar targets.

The instrument is controlled over an external PC with a 10GBit ethernet connection. With the supplied software, target properties can be conveniently set and characteristics of incoming radar pulses can be logged and analyzed.

Targets with calibrated and accurate radar cross sections (RCS) can be generated by upgrading the system with specifically developed calibration units such that reference feedback signals can be coupled into the receive path at regular intervals for self-calibration purposes.

C-band calibration unit.
  • Frequency range: 2-12 GHz
  • Instantaneous bandwidth: max 100 MHz
  • Minimum target delay: 15 us
  • Number of targets: 2 per channel
  • Maximum output power: 15 dBm

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